What is YIMBY Qld?


We say 'yes in my backyard' to good development that makes for better living. As the voice of good development, we aim to bring back the balance to the urban policy debate, so often dominated by the the negative NIMBY (not in my backyard) narrative. Our mission is to engage the community and decision makers in meaningful dialogue about making cities of the future, where everyone is welcome. Shared cities, where those who live here are able to stay and those who want to live here are welcome.



YIMBYism originated in New York City in 2011 and serves as an initiative to not only discuss, document and promote good development, but also to counter the often negative and somewhat relentless NIMBYism that exists within our local communities and continues to unreasonably influence development outcomes. Planning frameworks influenced by the power and pervasiveness of NIMBYism is often discouraging of developments that seek to best provide for housing, jobs, lifestyle precincts and the associated community benefits we all have come to expect. Since its inception, the YIMBY movement has spread across North America and Europe as cities celebrate a culture of YES.